Municipal Services

Partnering with municipalities and home owners, we will raise, repair and stabilize their concrete.  From simple projects such as sidewalks and walkways, to the larger ones, we approach each project professionally, reliably, and affordably. If your city sidewalks, curbing, playgrounds, parks or walking trails are in need of repair PolyRaise can assist in repairing your project.


City sidewalks projects

Many municipalities mark vertical sidewalk displacements for residents to repair. Our involvement in repair of these issues can vary throughout the process. When the customer has been notified the repairs are necessary, we will then follow-up with them to offer a free concrete raising estimate. Once we get approval from homeowner we will acquire a city permit if needed and proceed to finishing the job. If they choose not to make the repair, we will then work directly with the city to complete the project as needed or as directed by the city, village or township.

Don’t Replace it, RAISE IT!


Homeowners, commercial property owners and municipalities may experience concrete failure in one of these areas:

♦ Sidewalks
♦ Patios
♦ Porches
♦ Basements
♦ Pool Decks
♦ Driveways
♦ Garage Floors
♦ Steps

♦ Walkways
♦ Warehouse Floors
♦ Loading Docks
♦ Stairs

♦ Walking Trails
♦ Park Areas and Playgrounds
♦ Roads
♦ Bridge Approaches
♦ On & Off Ramps
♦ Golf Courses