Porches / Patios / Pool Decks

Improper drainage causes soil erosion which contributes to settling of front porches and patios. This creates dangerous trip hazards and unpleasant curb appeal for your home. Often times the soil around the foundation can fail due to lack of compaction during the backfill process. Over time this leads to settling of the concrete flatwork around the foundation, usually within a few years or less. A settled porch or patio may cause reverse drainage towards your home causing unwanted moisture and water leakage.

Many concrete pool decks are prone to settling because of the pool construction process and poor drainage around the pool. The backfill soil that’s added around the pool excavation will not be as dense or well-compacted as the undisturbed soil farther from the pool.
When a heavy concrete slab is poured around the pool, loose soil will often compress under the slab’s weight, causing sections of the concrete to sink or settle.

PolyRaising is a fast, affordable repair for settled concrete

“Don’t Replace It, RAISE IT!”

PolyRaise uses Polyurethane foam to stabilize the underlying soils, fill any voids, lift and seal the substrate from continued exposure and settling. MPR corrects the grade and drainage of the porch, patio or pool area so water flows away from the house or problem area not towards it!

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