14 customer reviews


Chippewa Falls, WI
3 years ago
Rick is a very professional is his work. They raised concrete in front of my garage that had lowered about one and half inches and the result was great. The installation was done with great concern for the property and the clean up was exceptional. I would recommend that if you have the same issue that this process is the way to go because you don’t even see the holes after the project is completed.

Cora Marie Shafer

Fall Creek, WI
4 years ago
I am so pleased with the PolyRaise job. Rick was careful to make sure everything was right. I would refer anyone who has this problem to him. In the future if I have any other projects he can do, he will be the one I get to do the job.


Chippewa Falls, WI
4 years ago
Hi I had Rick come and give me an estimate and it was very reasonable and when he came and did the work it was very fast and it looks very nice, he did an outstanding job and he is a wonderful person he's very good at what he does and very knowledgeable. I appreciate it Rick


Cedar Rapids, IA
4 years ago
Rick at Midwest PolyRaise came down and helped raise several projects, and I couldn't be happier, he was so professional, and the work provided was outstanding. I would highly recommend Midwest PolyRaise!